Friday, September 21, 2007

Getting Ready!

I only have about 7 weeks to go be more accurate, I have 7 weeks and 2 days to go. Kyle and I have been busy getting ready. It has been fairly painless, especially with all the great gifts people have generously given us/Luke. In the picture above is the gift Michael and Audra sent. That brother of mine sure put a lot of thought and effort into it! haha! We all know it was you, Audra! They sent my diaper bag filled with everything I knew I'd need in it, plus other things I had no idea I would need. I think it helps that Audra is currently very much using a well-packed diaper bag.

Kyle's job is to paint the nursery. My job is to tape. I missed a picture of just the tape job, which involved a whole lot more than just tape! I needed tape, a ladder, a pencil, a level, 2 yard sticks....and in the end Kyle. I just wasn't tall enough. I also missed getting a picture of Kyle actually paining, but as the job isn't finished yet, I'll get one...or two! I'll post a painting job so far picture at the bottom of the post. It's not finished yet....stage 1 is complete, with two more to go....You'll get pictures of that later.

Last night Kyle and I went to a children's consignment sale. I did not get the 2 big things I wanted, an exersaucer with lots of toys on it, and a changing table. They did have a foot-push John Deer Tractor with attachable wagon. Kyle wouldn't let me get it. He said it would be too long before Luke used it. He was right, but I think Luke needs to know about farm-life early on. He will, with the help of Marsha and the farm book she gave him. However, we did get him a toy to push and walk behind....for in the far future and some really cute clothes. All-in-all...the evening was a success.

On a sad note (and one not baby-anything) Liam the fish died this morning. The rumor that fish float upside down when dead did NOT hold true in this case. Liam enjoyed to float at the top, on his side, appearing to be dead, but in fact, very much alive. We did have one false alarm. Kyle and I thought he was dead, and so we were in the guest bath, fishbowl in hand, ready to fish Liam out and send him to his watery grave, when...behold! He moves! That was several weeks ago. Liam hasn't eaten since then. Quite impressive, really. Anyway, he died for real this morning. He took a nose dive to the bottom of the tank. On the To Do List after finishing this post....clean both fish bowls and put in replacement fish. These shall live forever....they're colorful glass fish, not really very life-like at all, with glass bulbs attached to the top of them to make them float in the water. I'll have 3 in each bowl. A regular that needs no cleaning...or feeding! Perfection.

Our friends Johnny and Cindy are coming over tonight, along with their 2 boys Damian (3yrs) and Isaac (2 in Dec) to watch the OU game. It should be good times. Their boys are SO CUTE. Luke will have a hard time competing.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

8 Weeks left!

I've been told that blogs are great. Especially when you have family that's far away and they would like to keep up with your lives. Let's be honest here. No one wants to keep up with MY life so much. We all want to keep up with Luke's life now.

So, we'll give it a try. I had my baby shower last Sunday. Or should I say Luke had HIS baby shower last Sunday. It was thrown by the girls in my connections group at church, and organized mainly by Shanna Hayes and Aubrey Kingcade. They did a REALLY great job. Everything I wanted in a shower. Simple, low-key, and no fuss. Perfect. PLUS! Mom and dad drove all the way after Mom got out of school Friday and they left OKC immediately after my shower at 4. It was a marathon weekend for them. Mom's sister, Marjorie, and parents, Pappaw and Grandma Key also came. Kyle's Grandma Pat and cousin Mandy came also, along with many other friends. Kyle and I left the shower with a Nitro loaded full of things Luke will need, and will need to look cute.

I've spent all this week putting together, putting away, and purchasing remaining needed items. His crib is all put together...with bedding!

Tomorrow I will officially have 8 weeks left to go. According to my book, Luke should be around 4 lbs and 15-17" long. He's becoming less see-through, becoming bonier, and getting some layers of fat.

Kyle is going to the OU game today. It's a 2:30 game, so that means that he's feeling late because it's already 9:30!! and he hasn't left yet! haha! While he's gone, I'm going to be taping in Luke's room so Kyle can begin painting this week.