Monday, September 9, 2013

June Pics

Bridget and Danny and Kaleb came for a visit.  Bridget was a good sport and read the entire Little Miss/Mr. series to the kids.

 The "Handsome face" strikes again
 Wearing Corrie's rainboots!
 Grandma and Grandpa came to visit.  Grandpa took Luke to the Rooster Cafe for breakfast, "like he does every time" and by every time, Luke means one other time.
Luke and I on the way home from a free Lego build at the Lego store

 Riding the witches broom together.

 "I ride neigh"-Max
Max enjoys playing on the computers at the library.


On Luke's last day of school, to celebrate we took the kids to Gattitown, a local arcade, game etc. place. They may or may not have had fun.  You decide.

Luke and Leta's first race!

There is a local christian adoption agency that puts on a 5K and 1 mile walk/fun run annually at OC.  Luke has been wanting to run a race for a while now, so this one was the perfect one for us to do that.  We headed to OC after and early supper and the kids got to play in a few bounce houses until start time.  There was a kids dash that I hadn't registered Luke for that I think he really would have enjoyed.  Next year.  Then it was time for the fun run.  I pushed Max in the stroller and Leta ran some and rode on the stroller some but Luke ran the whole way (taking a few walk breaks, or run back to us breaks while waiting for us to catch up)  He raced across the finish line and really had a lot of fun.  The perhaps best part was the 5K afterwards. It was a gorgeous evening and we found a good corner to spectate from and the kids clapped, cheered and gave high-fives to the passing runners.  They stood along the edge with their hands out, so hopeful.  Even Max loved giving high-fives, but he didn't quite get the whole "stand-on-the-edge-of-the-road thing" so he stood in the ditch, but many runners ran off the path into the ditch to slap his outstretched hand.  I mean, who doesn't want to give a 1 year old a high five?  We made it home for a late bedtime.

Pre-K Graduation!!

 Ok, so this picture isn't from Graduation, it's the presents Luke made for me at school for Mother's Day.  I love them.

 If you look closely you will see that there is an American Flag, Christian Flag and Bible pledges.  I didn't know about all these pledges.  Pre-K has taught me a thing or two as well.  Luke got the honor of holding the bible during the bible pledge and he was so proud to get to to that.  It was his reward for using his self control while stomping during practice for their graduation performance.
 Luke's teacher Ms. Kayci.

They had a very nice reception after graduation with cake and gifts.  Luke even received a bible with his name on it.  He was thrilled with it because it has gold pages!!!!

Other April Happenings

Mia graduated from OC and we were able to go to her graduation reception and meet some of her family.

We had pea sized hail.

 I ran my 6th Half Marathon, the OKC Memorial, in a time of 2:01:45 (my current personal best).  Kyle and Luke and Leta came to spectate at the finish, along with our friends Brandon, Shanna, and Karter and Shanna, being the great friend that she is, made sure my kids had signs to hold up.

 Erin and Corrie, the two college girls who lived with us for the summer and the kids.

 Luke found a baby fawn near the road in our neighborhood.  It was TINY!!!

 (This is our neighbors arm and hair, if you're trying to figure out who has hair like that in our family)