Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We had a great extended Thanksgiving holiday. Mom and dad got here the 16 and dad left the 18th and then came back on Thanksgiving Day. They both left the 25th. Michael, Audra and Solomon got here on the 20th and left on the 24th. Mom and I got quite a bit done Monday and Tuesday before everyone got here. It was nice to have the help.
This was Luke and Solomon's first time to meet. Luke didn't notice much, but Solomon was so excited he konked Luke in the face at their first meeting. Solomon is 5 months older than Luke and has many more tricks. He tried out many of Luke's things. The biggest hit was a Taggies ball. Solomon is teething and he chewed and sucked on those tags like there was no tomorrow!

Thanksgiving day we went to Ponca City and Luke met Great-Grandma and Pappaw Key for the first time. He also met his Great-Aunt Marjorie for the first time. Luke was a hit. Of course everyone thought he was cute and tiny. And he is!

First Smile!

We had our first smile this morning! Kyle was at the gym so he missed it. However, it turned out that after Kyle got back, and Luke woke up from his nap and had a snack, he was ready to smile again! We got several out of him and Kyle did a great job getting really good pictures of the event. Here they are!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Baby Dedication

Baby Dedication went very well. Luke was awake for the entire dedication and then fell asleep as soon as we sat down and slept all the way through church. We went to class as well as church and were 15 minutes late, but I thought we did pretty well considering it was our first trip to church. I got to be in class for about 15 minutes and then I went to feed Luke so he would be a happy baby for the dedication. It worked out quite well.

One couple with a new baby as well, are professional photographers so they took family portraits of everyone, and we all get one 8X10 for free, with the option of buying more, of course.

A friend from Body and Soul got Luke his first rainboots. They are toddler size XS, but still way too big for Little Luke!

Friday, November 9, 2007

3 weeks old!

There isn't really much new going on here, it doesn't seem, but we've been busy. I think it's been a week of firsts.
Monday morning I took Luke to my Body and Soul aerobics class (we went when class was over...I'm not attending yet!) to show him off. He was a hit of course. The ladies were so sweet, there were several gifts there waiting for us and they'd prepared and frozen soups and goodies for us to stock our freezer. We've been getting meals from people at church 3-4 times per week, with the last one scheduled for November 14, and then mom is coming down on the 16th, plus my frozen goodies....I may not have to cook until NEXT YEAR! It's terrific!!!

Tuesday, we went to the mall, our first trip. I got Luke a new outfit from Baby Gap for New Baby Dedication at church this coming Sunday. I had a gift card, and while paying, was reminded why I don't shop at Baby Gap! Too many Rachel dollars for me!! BUT! Luke will be one cute little baby boy Sunday morning.

We went to church for the first time Wednesday night and ran into Larry Schwab, one of our elders, who happened to have a camera on him (I didn't ask him why, but am wondering about that now!!) and he took a picture of our Luke First Church visit. Luke slept the whole time. We went a little early and interrupted the Precept class and I showed him off there. He was a big hit. Then we went to our class together and then it was home again, home again! Below is the picture Larry took.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store with Luke in the morning. He ate and as soon as he was done, I put on sweats and we headed out (without showering) and I was nervous the whole trip that he would wake up and get hungry before we made it back home. I felt rushed the whole time. Never again will I forget to wear my watch! I can't handle the stress. hahah.

And tonight (Friday) Kyle and I are going to go out to eat. We're going right after Luke eats again. He is one hungry child. I don't think there will be any firsts tomorrow, but who knows!!

Sunday will be our first trip to church. We've been staying away because pneumonia has been going around the city and church and I don't want Luke to get sick. We will go this Sunday, because as I mentioned, it's New Baby Dedication. There are going to be 16 new babies this Sunday!! A huge group. Kyle and I will be taking the camera and camcorder to record the festivities. One of the couples with a new baby are professional photographers, and they're going to take pictures after worship and give each family 1 8X10, and we can order more if we like. Kyle and I are going to do that as well.

Our baby announcements came in the mail today. I stuffed all my pre-addressed envelopes this morning and they will go out in tomorrow's mail, so one could be showing up to a mail box near you soon. Not to brag....but they turned out WONDERFUL!! I chose one of the pictures that Johnny took. I'm so happy with them.

I'll post sometime next week with pictures from this Sunday hopefully. We'll see. 'Til then!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Gettin' Big

Luke is doing great and getting bigger! We went to our second visit to the pediatrician this past Thursday and he weighed 6lb 8oz (yes, he gained 10oz in 1 week!!!) and was 19 in long. Both measurements are in the 10-15% range for his age....but seeings as he's not supposed to be here for another week yet, I'd say he's doing great!

He has spit up a few times at night in his sleep, which makes me extremely nervous, and so our pediatrician told us to put him to sleep on his stomach, and so we have been! He spit up one more time since the tummy switch, but at least it just went all over the Pack N Play!

Our friend Johnny Sandoval (you may remember that he took our wedding pictures) came over Thursday night and took pictures of Luke for us...our first professional ones. They turned out GREAT!! I've put one of my favorites here, and will work on getting them all posted on Kyle's website. for those of you who want to check it out. I'll work on getting that done this week. Also, I'm going to post on the website two sizes for each picture. The large one would be the one to download and get printed off, but the smaller one will load faster, which will help those of you with dial up or DSL. I'll try to get the pictures already on there in the smaller size as well. I'll have to have Kyle teach me how.

Luke is still waking up to be fed every 3 to 31/2 hrs at night to eat...even though we're now allowed to let him go 4 hrs at a time. He must not have gotten the memo. Kyle helps with the evening and morning feedings allowing me to go to bed early (usually before 9!) and sleep late. That's really helped me a lot. I generally don't need to take a nap during the day then. I usually do rest a while though, and even if I don't fall asleep it sure does help!

I guess that's all that's new here!