Sunday, September 26, 2010

Day Out With Thomas

Saturday was the first of our fun fall activities.  We got up bright at early Saturday morning so we could have Thomas pull us in one of his coaches (Clarabell, I was told) at 9:00am.  Luke was excited and the first thing he said to Kyle when he got him out of bed was to ask if it was time to go ride Thomas.  We had time to hit the "gift shop" before the train ride and Luke had many 'wants', but didn't get anything.  But he had fun looking.  After the 20 minute train ride we went and saw the model train, then Luke played a little putt putt.  He wasn't so into that so it was off to the train tables.  They had a large tent set up with around 10 train tables in it.  Luke could've easily stayed right there and played all day long.  We drug him away from that to go see a ventriloquist with her puppets.  Luke had never seen anything like it and he sat so still on Kyle's lap and just watched the whole show. Many kids left and didn't want to sit for the whole thing, but Luke did.  He's talked about the show quite a bit.  After that it was time to go home so Leta could eat lunch and have a nap (she missed her first nap due to Thomas).  Luke started crying and insisted that Leta was neither tired nor hungry.  He had big fun.  They're having a Halloween train October 30th so I think we'll try to do that.  One more chance to wear our costumes at least!  Luke is going to be a monkey and Leta a banana.

I forgot my camera, but Kyle took a bunch on his cell phone but can't find his cable to upload them.  They'll get posted whenever I get them.  All day Saturday I had a horrible sore throat and my ears hurt and I had a headache and I was achy all over.  I finally took my temperature at 8pm last night and discovered I had a low grade fever.  So I put Leta to bed, took some meds and put myself to bed.  Kyle wouldn't let me go to church this morning so I've been a bum all day.  I'm really tired today but feel much better so I guess I'm good to go for B&S tomorrow morning.

Our Okie Power blog (regional B&S blog) has started a new "Challenge" section.  We're using it to play games and have competitions, but it's open for everyone and the challenges are good for anyone to try, so here's a link to that blog.  Okie Power Blog.  One challenge has been posted and another will be posted tomorrow morning.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Leta has 4 teeth!  Her two top and two bottom.  It was her upper right tooth that made it's appearance today.

Luke's 3rd Birthday Wish List.

Luke in his batman pj's wearing Leta's sunglasses.

1.  And most important.  A polar express train WITH BARS on the wheels like Jack has.  Do you know what that is?  Me neither.  But he asks for it almost daily.  And even included it in his prayer a few weeks ago.
2.  Cranky the Crane (from the Thomas Wooden train set)
3. Spencer (from the Thomas Wooden train set)
4.  Salty (from the Thomas Wooden train set)
5.  Useful engine shed (from the Thomas Wooden train set)
6. Sodor Wash Down (from the Thomas Wooden train set)
7.  A Circus train with animals.  If it's wooden it would likely run on his train tracks.  But even if it's not, he would LOVE it.

My birthday list for him:
1.  Shark vs. Train by Chris Barton
2.  Other books =)
3.  Size 8 snow boots
4.  Stocking cap
5. Mittens

Really, he doesn't need anything (except the winter gear).  His major play interests have not changed that much since Christmas.  He loves trains.  He loves cars, firetrucks, and tractors.  He already has these things.   We also don't really need clothes because we get so many from friends of ours.  However, I know that even though he doesn't need more toys, some of you will want to get hims something, so there is our "list".  Please feel free to stray from the list.  I also know that even though he doesn't need clothes, it's still kinda fun to pick something out for him.  This winter he will wear 3T shirts and 2T pants.

Random Thoughts Thursday

I haven't done a "RTT" post in a long time. Not that you care.

Last night the phone rings. I looked at the caller ID. I was from a 319 area code. So I don't answer (probably a telemarketer) and go to ask Kyle if he's familiar with that area code. He's not, but we hear someone leaving a message on the machine, but still think it's probably a wrong number etc. Kyle listens to the message before was Michael. We will now start answering the phone for a 319 area code. Sorry!

My friend Alyssa has a little boy who is in 1st grade this year. A few weeks ago she cleaned out some of his old toys and asked if we might like a few hand-me-downs. Of course! She dropped the off this morning while Luke was eating breakfast. So I would like to thank Alyssa for completely occupying Luke ALL MORNING LONG! He didn't get in trouble once! The "best" toy was a Batman set complete with Batman, Robin, the Joker, a Batcave, motorcycle and helicopter. The motorcycle is currently out of commission as he dropped it in the toilet while he was going to the restroom. So now we have to see how it survives a trip through the top rack of the dishwasher.

We are planning a trip to Hobbs to see Kyle's mom, Hap, sister Bridget and her whole family (although in Luke's world that means going to see KALEB!!!!) We haven't been in a long time so this is a much overdue trip. I am NOT excited for the drive, but AM excited to get to spend time with the Vardemans and Cress'. But the thing I am most excited about? I think Hap might actually deputize me this trip. Maybe I'll get to use some of those Body & Soul kickboxing moves I've been working so hard on. I have also been boning up on crime fighting via the TV and through various mystery novelists. I have added another writer to my list of "research", so it will probably be the Nevada Barr addition to the resume that will tip the scales in my favor. Hap is lucky to have me. *wink*

Luke is very excited about fall. He has been asking about his birthday and Halloween and trips to pumpkin patches etc. (And Christmas for that matter) for months now. Really since last Halloween. Anyway, we keep having to tell him, "not until the fall, and that's a really long time from now". Well fall is officially here (even if the weather doesn't agree) and Luke is pumped! I must say, I'm pretty excited too. There just are so many fun things to do this time of year. We'll be starting off our season of craziness (starting now and likely not ending until after Leta's first birthday in January) this weekend with a trip to ride Thomas the Train. We're booked for 9am. That means Leta will be up (willingly) and ready with plenty of time to spare. Kyle and I will be up (grudgingly) and Luke will have to be woken early to get there on time. Luke had fun last year, but I'm expecting him to have an even better time this year. Last year he liked trains but didn't really know who "Thomas" was, having never seen the cartoon at that point. Well, my friends. Things have changed. His whole birthday list involves trains, particularly Thomas, this year. I'll post a "birthday wish" post next.

Kyle orders his protein powder from Body Builders online website. They always send a free plastic cup (which I hate because they don't fit in the dishwasher well) that Kyle makes his protein shakes in. However! This time they sent a free razor. My lucky day! Razors and their blades are so expensive!

We're having Chili Cheese Fries Casserole tonight for supper if either of my readers wants to come over. =)


Instead of me sending out an email (read "junk mail") every time I post, I now have it where you can subscribe to my blog via email. That means every time I post, you will receive an email with the content of that particular blog. All you have to do is:
1. Enter your email address and click subscribe.
2.There will then be a pop up box where you have to type in the verification letters to make sure you're a "real person".
3. You will then be sent a verification email via FeedBurner (check your spam folder if you don't get it in your inbox.) with a link in it to click to activate it. Then you're all done!!!

Subscribe away people!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Seen and Heard

Kyle: Luke don't drink your bath water. It's dirty.
Luke: Don't worry, Daddy. I went potty over there. (pointing across the tub)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Playing with her learning table.

Here she is "snorting". One of her favorite activities. She has recently added making this goat sounding noise to that list.

Luke and Leta (7mo)

My, what big EYES you have! The better to see you with, my dear.

After having been mobile for 2 months, here she is officially crawling at 7 months

A very "twisty" Leta.

It's been quite a while since I've posted much of anything it seems, so here's an "updates" post on the fam.

Kyle: Got another website up and running. Just type in www dot TimeshareClassifiedAds dot com and check it out. He also has a couple potential buyers for two of his other websites, but those are far from done deals. However, a company did fly him out to Atlanta for an overnight business trip. Kyle has been busy lately. He spent a long weekend in Houston visiting Jeremy, 2 weekends at his Dad's and tomorrow is going to the lake to get one last boating trip in and get the boat and house ready for the winter. Football season has also started so Kyle is in heaven again and his "locks of the week" challenge with his friends has started back up so I am always hearing about everyone "points" etc.

Me: Nothing new going on with me really. Our new Body and Soul session is up and running and I finally have all my songs learned so no more practicing in the car (which Kyle enjoys!).

Everyone: Our family is also part of a church plant called the Church of Christ at Oakdale. We have around 21 committed families to go and start a new church in an area of the metro where there currently isn't one. There are many young families with lots of babies so Luke and Leta will have many new friends at this church. On October 10th we will begin meeting at the Oakdale Elementary school. The general plan is to meet there for around 2 years while our church building is being built. This past Sunday was the first Sunday that our new preacher, Darrel Sears preached. It's nice to feel "official". There has been lots of preparation for getting a new church up and running. My current role in that is to be on a team with 2 other women and plan out the curriculum for our 5-8th graders.

Luke: Luke is almost three and seems to me, to be very naughty these days. We are in a challenging phase with him. He has been much more difficult really since Leta was born. We did have a nice little break in there from him being so "trying". I have heard from many that they found the "3's" to be more difficult than the so called Terrible Two's. I think we are going to find that this is the case here. We are working on "whining" (a constant struggle) and "obeying the first time asked". Luke is still very much into trains, Thomas the Train and the Polar Express. He has also begun to be scared of different things. He doesn't like thunder, loud sounds, smoke detectors, when the electricity goes out, and flashing lights. He is still much too rough with Leta and we are constantly working on being gentle and careful. With that said, just recently they have begun to "play" together. Peek-a-boo is a favorite game Just this morning before naps they were in the living room laughing like loons together. One of the sweetest sounds I've ever heard. I will have to remember that moment because it was one of those where you sit back and say, Oh yes. This is TOTALLY worth it. Luke has started to call me "Mark" sometimes and thinks this is quite funny. He is VERY talkative and there is rarely a quiet moment with him.

Leta: Is still super sweet and 8 months old (this past Monday). She has become quite the little crawler, which is bitter sweet. It's fun watching her learn new things and gain new skills, but with mobility comes the need to teach her "no" and what items in the house are "do not touch". She loves cords, the artificial trees, and outlets and especially the toilet. She cries whenever I move her away from it. She has already played in toilet water once. Yesterday. She now has 3 teeth. She just got her upper left today and the upper right appears to be coming right along as well. She is quite giggly and tickle-ish. She can clap and especially enjoys to clap in her high chair while eating. Luke is the biggest thing in her world right now. While she is awake during Luke's afternoon naps she will often crawl all over the house looking for him. The first place she usually checks is "Time Out" and then she heads for the stairs, although she can't climb them yet. She gets really excited to go and get Luke out of bed in the mornings. She squeals and kicks her legs as we approach his door. Luke is always disappointed if Leta does not come to wake him up, so that is a morning chore Leta and I do together. Leta is on okay eater. She is pickier than Luke was (but he wasn't picky at all...) but not too bad. She does NOT like Israel melon and isn't a big fan of the same thing too many times in a row. She is a slow eater and NOT an eager one, so she doesn't open her mouth well and feeding her takes a long time. Sometimes an hour, which I think is a bit ridiculous, so we'll be talking to her pediatrician about that at her 9 month check up. She takes three 45 minute naps per day, but quite often the last nap is more like 20-30 minutes. She takes FOREVER to fall asleep. If she falls asleep in under 15 minutes it's of miracle proportions and here lately 30 minutes to an hour is more likely. Another topic of conversation for the doctor. Leta can also pull up on anything and everything and there is some unintentional cruising going on. Luke could cruise, but never did. He just crawled and then walked, so we'll see what she does. Her favorite toys are her learning table and a plastic ear of corn.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Me: Why'd you get a band aid
Luke: B/c I hurt my knee yesterday on Leta so I got a band aid.
Me: Who are you going to show your band aid to?
Luke: Santa Clause. And I will ask him if I want a train and he will say yes! You may have the Polar Express with Bars.
Me: We aren't going to see Santa today
Luke: yes we are b/c I watched Solomon go to Santa and I watched cartoons. He's at the gym, Mommy. He's at the gym. He's working out. There he is. Right...there. We will just ask him to come here and to bring me the Polar Express that has bars.