Sunday, June 27, 2010

1st Tooth!

Leta got her first tooth today! It'll be a while before it will be big enough to catch on camera. I can just barely feel it through her gums. It's her front bottom right. Luke got his first tooth a day before he turned 6 months old. Leta's got him beat again!

This morning:

L: I want to go to a different church.
K: What church do you want to go to?
L: A car church.
K: A car church? What do you do at a car church?
L: Play with cars.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nebraska Trip June 2010

We just got home from a trip to Nebraska to see my parents. My 10 year High School reunion was also this year so we killed two birds with one stone and planned our trip north around that so we could attend.

We left Oklahoma Friday the 18th. Leta has proven to be only slightly better at traveling than Luke was. She took one 10 minute nap and three 30 minute naps. The trip used to take 9 hours. With two kids, it took us 10 1/2 with all the stopping to nurse and eat etc. We stopped at McDonald's in Salina, KS and let Luke play while Leta ate her oatmeal. She hadn't gotten it figured out at that point so it took quite a while. She also had a blow out while there. Just glad it was in the restaurant and not in the car. Luke didn't nap at all but watched Thomas the Train and Veggie Tales. We got to my parents at about 6:30, which was good so they had a chance to play before bed. We put Luke on a pallet in "Michael's" room and we were with Leta in my old room. Luke did not sleep well this night. He was up from around 1:3o until probably 4 and then up again at 6:30. I finally ended up sleeping in there with him. Leta woke up for the day at 6:00.

Saturday Luke spent the morning helping Grandpa on the farm. They checked cows, fed the horse, road the tractor...all kinds of manly things. Luke also did a lot of swinging. Since Leta won't take a bottle, we put them to bed and then headed into town for my reunion. There ended up being 14 of us there, and it as good to see some people, most of whom I hadn't seen since Graduation day. We got back to mom and dad's around 11:30 to find Luke awake and mom in there with him. So, I ended up sleeping with him again.

Sunday morning we went to church and then out to eat and back home for naps. While eating out Leta learned how to work her tongue while eating. Feeding her has gone much smoother since then. (With the exception of supper tonight when I introduced green beans to her. Now she has to get used to some texture in her food!) Luke discovered the Mulberry tree and spent a great deal of time snacking on that. He slept all night Sunday night and didn't wake up until 9 Monday morning.

Monday we went to the city park and played and then went to the grocery store. Gary's Food Town has toddler size grocery carts, which Luke LOVED. As soon as we got back, he ran and layed down in front of Leta and told her all about the shopping carts. Kyle's eye had been red since Sunday and mom thought it might be pink eye so Kyle went in to the Doctor on Monday and got a pink eye prescription. He was surprised that Dr. Felber knew who I was. He didn't grow up in a small town like me =).

Monday night Luke woke up very upset and when I went in to him he immediately said, "Mommy, I don't feel good. I want my temperature." I suspected it was an ear infection related to his previous ones, so HE got to go see Dr. Felber, too. After his appointment we went to my grandparents in town and they got to spend the afternoon with Luke and Leta. Kyle and my dad drove to Omaha and watched OU play in the college world series. Tuesday night Luke slept all night.

Wednesday was our last full day at mom and dads. Luke got to grocery shop with his cart in Laurel again (he felt much more comfortable with his skills this time and was a bit of a wild man in the store) and he played side walk chalk and played in the sprinkler. We went to church again and he slept all night again!

Thursday we came home and we've been recovering ever since ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Seen and Heard

Me: Luke, what is in your hair?
Luke: Cake.
Me: (knowing he hasn't had any cake) How did you get cake in your hair?
Luke: The crocodiles climbed in my ears and put it there.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's been a while

Luke playing with his Mr. Potato Head accessories

And lots of things have been happening, and we've seen lots of people.

First, Bridget and Kaleb came to visit us. They arrived Thursday evening after Luke and Leta were in bed. Then Friday morning, Leta went to Body and Soul with me and the rest of the gang went to White Water Bay (local water park) and had big fun. Apparently Luke was not intimidated with the big water slides and was fine riding them all by himself. It wasn't until later that I found out just exactly all he'd been allowed to do. Let's just say he probably wouldn't have had quite as much fun if I had gone along. Saturday morning Dana (Kyle's dad) came and we all left for the lake. We stopped on the way at the Hard Rock Resort in Tulsa (yeah, you read that right...RESORT in Tulsa, OK) at ate and then continued on our way. We spent Saturday through Monday at the lake and everyone did quite well. We swam, tubed and skied. Dana was "showing Bridget how it's done" and threw his back out, unfortunately. But, at least it was our last evening to be there and it was after we took him out to eat for his birthday when he got a pie in the face =)

Tuesday we came home and when we arrived my parents were here. We spent the rest of the day with them and Wednesday morning before they had to head home. Luke had lots of fun playing and swinging with them and were are looking forward to a visit to them next week. (Not looking forward to the drive, however.)

Leta is busy being cute. She smiles a lot and giggles frequently. She is proving to be hungrier than Luke and so she has already been started on rice cereal. We started her the day before we went to the lake. It hasn't been going just the best so tonight I'm going to try oatmeal to see how that goes over. She has refused to establish a consistent wake up time, but I've decided her waking is due to hunger. Depending on what time she wakes I'll feed her and then put her back down, sometimes until 8:00. (Those are my favorite days!) Other times she'll sleep more towards 7:30. I have tried giving her cereal in the mornings the past two mornings as well, but this morning she wouldn't eat any. I think I'm going to have to monitor how much she nurses to get her to eat cereal, too. She is not napping well still, either. With Luke, he ALWAYS slept 45 minutes, unless he had a fever due to shots or something. She will randomly pull out 1 really long nap, and occasionally do that for a few days in a row. But it's very unpredictable. She really enjoys her tummy time and is currently very into a soft cloth block that Traver gave Luke for his first birthday. She chews and chews on it and flings it around and makes it jingle.

Luke is his normal ornery self. Yesterday I felt the need to hide from him in my bedroom for a while after a particularly whiny and fussy day. He talks up a storm and says funny things (to his biased mother, anyway). He has a lot to say about crocodiles lately. He also has started saying, "No Way Hosanna!" instead of no way Jose. Right now he's playing with his "Mater and Lightning McQeen". They are playing hide and seek. The cars I mean. "Come off the chair Mommy because to see Lighting when he is driving out. Do you see lighting now? He must be hiding! Where could he be?" Is what he is currently saying.

My spring session with Body and Soul is over and I had been looking forward to teaching a 4 week, 5 day a week 6am boot camp, but Leta's wake up time is just to inconsistent for me to commit to that. I'm bummed out. I like to have all day free in the summer. It gives me a bigger chance to do fun things with Luke etc. We'll be starting our Summer Favorites Session Monday May 28th, so I have all those routines to learn.

Off to make supper. I have 2 items left on my meal plan and neither are appealing to me. I think we might just do sandwiches tonight. I really don't feel like cooking.