Monday, July 27, 2009

Luke's First LIE!!!

This evening Luke was really wanting Kyle to be done working in his office and to come out and play. I had to work hard at keeping him distracted so he wouldn't just stand at the office door and cry. About 5:00 Luke went to the door and started yelling "Supper's Ready!" When he knew it wasn't. It's his job to go tell daddy or the boys that supper is ready, but tonight. He took things into his own hands. So when I sent him back to tell the boys when supper was really ready...30 minutes later. He wasn't believed. I tried to tell him about the boy who Cried Wolf, but I think the moral of the story was lost on him.

AND I passed by ACE Group Fitness Instructor test today. I'm now officially Nationally Certified. I'm SO glad I'm done studying for it and that it's over and DONE with!! What a huge relief. Now I feel like life can go back to normal. Just think what I can accomplish during Luke's naps now that I'm not studying/and or napping the whole time myself! You might be able to see my kitchen counters on a regular basis!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Luke said what?

Kyle brought Luke in from outside just now, they've been cleaning the 4-wheeler and as he was coming in he was saying, "Mommy Rachel, Mommy Rachel".

On the 4-wheeler Luke said, "Goodness child" over and over.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Visit

This time to Dr. Shanbour. I completely forgot I had the appointment today until I saw the reminder on my email this morning at 8:30. My appointment was for 9:15. So I showered and got ready as fast as I could and made it there by 9:17. 2 minutes late. Not bad. I will try to do better next time. Kyle working from home definitely saved me today!!

I am almost 13 weeks pregnant now. I'm still in my regular clothes (except Sunday, when I wore a maternity dress to church, my skirts are not working for me any more), but I definitely have a "baby bump" to those who know me.

Dr. Shanbour came in to see me and before he listened to the heart beat mentioned that I would be having my big ultrasound in 6 weeks (They still have to call me to schedule so I don't know for sure when that will be yet) and I'll get to find out if we're having a boy or a girl. So I said, so I'm not having an ultrasound today then? Because last pregnancy I got one at my 11 week appointment. It was my favorite one because I could see the entire baby the whole time and could see him moving and kicking. *insert sweet, winning smile. AND IT WORKED! Shanbour went to see if that room was available and it was so I got to have an ultrasound today! The baby was laying face down, hiney up in the air and looks much more pregnant than I do. At first it was just lying there still, sleeping I guess, but then all the poking on it from the ultrasound got it going and it started kicking and wiggling. So cute. It was almost too big to see all of it at once, and I know that even next week, part of him would have been cut off. So I'm glad I got to have that ultrasound today. Here are the pics.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Visit from Granna

Luke and I have had a busy weekend. And he loved every minute of it. Thursday his Great-Pappaw, Great-Grandma Key and Grandma "Granna" came to visit for the day. Luke had lots of fun pushing Pappaw's "bike" around. Really his walker. Then Friday his Grandma Olson came back and stayed all the way until Monday evening. Luke really enjoyed his "Granna" being here. He always wanted HER to change his diapers (completely fine by me!). He quickly got her trained to sing to him while in the car. Day 2 and Day 6 from the Creation song, and Noah Built the Ark. He always had to put in the rhino, deer, bananas and Cheerios for safety before God could shut the door. He also got really into "Fop Granna" flopping with Grandma on the pillows on our bedroom floor (which wouldn't be there if we actually MADE our bed). This was the favorite activity until Monday morning when Luke gave Grandma the bloody nose of her life. We actually thought it was broken, but then decided that it wasn't. We'll see. He's still talking about "Granna owwie". And he's still talking about Great-Granna and Great-Paw Paw. I think he's missing his adoring fans.

Yesterday morning Kyle and I took him back to the spray grounds and he had fun. It's been over 100 degrees here everyday for over a week. Yesterday the high is supposed to be 105. Lovely. So we've been spending time indoors. It's just too hot out there. It was already 95 this morning at 10:00 when we were at the spray grounds.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Luke the devious.

Tuesday evening I was out with friends for a bit of a "Luke break". Kyle was home with Luke. Luke likes to pull open the velcro on the back of Kyle's recliner. He did this Tuesday evening. He got sent to time out. He got out of time out, and pulled on the velcro again. Back to time out. When he got out of time out this time he went and got his pull helicopter. Kyle heard him tell his helicpoter to "sit". "Cute!" he thinks. Then Luke comes and pulls on the velcro AGAIN. Back to time out for the 3rd time. Then Kyle hears Luke's helicopter playing music. Then he realizes...hey, Luke must have that in time out. Sure enough! He got out of time out, went and got a toy, put it in the time out room (laundry room) and then went and pulled the velcro, that way when he got sent to time out....he'd already have a toy back there to play with.

I think we're fighting a losing battle.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Seen and heard.

"In order to help get my cardio in every day, I've decided to walk to work."
--Kyle Soper