Friday, May 3, 2013

Trip to the Zoo!

While on Luke's Spring Break and on a break from Body & Soul, before the weather turned cold, I decided to take all three kids to the zoo.  Kyle thought I was crazy, but with Max in the stroller, it went really well and the kids LOVED it.  Leta declared she never wanted to leave.  Max was never ready to leave one animal to go look at another.  He could have stayed for hours looking at one animal.  We entered the zoo, went to the Children's Zoo, made a quick loop and then headed home for naptime.  It wore me out.  I think I'm getting old.

Sesame Street LIVE

We decided that it would be fun to do something with the big kids, so we dropped Max off at a friends house (Thanks Amy!!) for the evening and headed downtown for a show and dinner.  It was a fun night and nice to just enjoy something without having to chase Max.

This is Luke's "handsome face" btw

Photo Dump!

 Max with his carrot
 Easter cuteness!
 With Mia Cooksey as Pocahontas at OC's Spring Sing
 Kids+Mia+Mia's Dad
 Not sure about sportin' The Fauxhawk.

 Movie night with Daddy!
 Stephen Grant, Max, Leah Pitchford, Zach Pitchford during small group. I'm sure they were paying attention ;)

 At Bouncin' Craze.
 At a friends birthday party at Bouncin' Craze with their super hero masks

Leta and I have a tea party!

In January, Luke was lucky to get to go with Kyle on a "guys trip" to Great Wolf Lodge near Dallas, TX.  This is a hotel with an indoor waterpark.  They, of course, had TONS of fun.  When they booked their trip, I decided that Leta and I would need to do something special, too.  So a tea party at Inspirations Tea Room in Edmond it was.  She LOVED it.


Luke is playing soccer

Luke decided that he would like to try to play soccer this year.  Kyle ended up being the coach since no one else stepped up.  Luke hasn't really enjoyed it all that much.  He mostly wanted to dig in the dirt.  His last game is tomorrow and he is glad for it to be over.  Such is life.

There's no place like HOME.


We had the greatest weekend mid-February.  Michael, Audra, Solomon, Amelia, and Emery came to visit and picked up Grandma Key on their way.  Marjorie stopped by for a day, AND it so happened that dad was in town and so he got to join us for most of the weekend as well!

We had so much fun and the kids never wanted it to end, and I have to say, I didn't either!  M&A live too far away!!!  Solomon and Luke had great plans for Luke to run away from home and go live in IAC.  Grandma Key kept commenting that surely they should be worn out by now....but amazingly enough, they never were.  It's such a blessing to see what good friends our kids are.

A picture is worth a 1,000

screams/cries/etc.  Here is a photographic view of a Max fit.  Enjoy, as I surely did NOT!!