Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Years Goals

It's almost February, and I think by now, statistically most people have already failed/quite their New Year's Resolutions, but I'm not that late announcing them am I?

I like to have a lot of Goals/Resolutions, that way, surely I'll succeed at some, fail at others, but odds are I won't be a TOTAL failure! *wink*

1.  Floss Daily.  I make this one every year and fail miserably every year.  But I'm happy to announce, I'm still going strong!
2.  Do a better job of keeping on top of the house.  Cleaner, more picked up etc.  So far I'm doing really well at going to bed at night with a pretty descent house.  I'm trying to follow the "1 minute Rule", which is, if it takes less than 1 minute to do, don't say, "I'll do it later." (this is another annual and annually broken resolution)
3.  Practice yoga (2-3 times per week) for stretching purposes.  I found a paid ($2.99) app that I had seen recommended, Yoga Studio.  It has "classes" of varying lengths (15 min. 30 min., 1 hr. etc) that have different focuses, like balance, strength, core, flexibility etc.  and each of these subcategories and times are available at the beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.  I have completed 15 minutes of beginner flexibility  and let's just say that I might need a pre-beginner level. haha.
4.  Use my post bedtime time more effectively.  I do NOT mean, cleaning, picking up, chores etc.  I like my evening.  I like a lot of down time.  I DO mean a little picking up/straightening etc. but mostly I want to use this time to foam roll, stretch, do yoga etc.  Relaxing activities that I never seem to get accomplished during the day.
5.  Run 1000 miles in 2013.  I made this goal in 2012 also and I was ~150 miles shy of reaching it.  But taking most of December off to try to recover from Plantar Fasciitis certainly didn't help the mileage count!

Leta is 3!

If you're thinking, "how is that possible!?!?"  I am right there with ya!  We had Leta's "family" birthday party on January 12th.  We ended up with a bit of a weather scare, it was drizzly and cold and things were starting to freeze and the forecast predicted more rain to come, but we stuck with it and lucked out with the weather, it didn't continue or get worse, however we did have some who didn't want to risk the drive if things did take a turn for the worse.  Leta was SOOO excited for her party.  She has been talking about her birthday party since October when Luke had his!  It was small, but she was happy.  She got really excited at each arrival and felt very proud of herself to get to answer the door each time.

I made her a "Rapunzel Tower Cake" which for my lack of decorating skills turned out quite nicely, I thought, but I won't be expecting any calls requesting me to decorate a cake.  I had it all planned out that Leta would open the gifts that I knew were clothes first so she would be excited about them and then toys next, but Luke knew which package contained the "big toy gift" and he could hardly stand the excitement and so she opened a Rapunzel Tower near the beginning and could hardly open anything after that.  I finally opened a few for her to speed things along.  Sorry for the cake only photos, Kyle took the pictures on his phone and I haven't gotten copies of them from him yet.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Max's first haircut

Max's First Haircut: 18 months

Max did pretty well.  He was very wiggly and wanted to know what Chandra was doing back there!  Her comb and a sucker helped. No more curly baby mullet at the Soper House! Having Max get his haircut made me realize, I don't get to see Chandra enough! I guess we'll just have to have more kids* so I'll get to keep seeing her! (*that is NOT an announcement)

Leta's First Haircut: 2 years

Luke's First Haircut: 10 months

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Luke's 5 year well check.

Yes, I know his birthday was in October.  But his well check happened today.  Anyway.  He is 41.5" and 38lbs, which puts him in the 10% for both height and weight.  He's a happy, healthy little boy....My heart is full.