Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is a long one!

Dad visits! This past weekend my dad came to visit. It was a quick trip. We picked him up at the airport in Guthrie Friday afternoon and we dropped him off Sunday morning at 9am. He flew the smallest 2 seater I've ever seen. And by that I mean the smallest two seater they had sitting outside at the Guthrie airport when I was there. It was fun to be able to watch him take off Sunday morning. Luke likes airplanes so he enjoyed our visits to the airport as well.

We didn't do a whole lot on Friday except watch Luke play toys. He did a good job showing off his tricks to dad. He blinked and scooted backwards on the hardwood. We also went for a walk Friday. We took Luke out in his new wagon that his Great-Grandpa Olson made him. It turned out great and Luke likes riding in it better than his stroller. It's a hit with all of us. Luke did reach a milestone. He took two steps while dad was watching. A first for him...that hasn't been repeated. I wrote in his baby book that he took steps, but he isn't walking yet!

Luke eating lunch today. Sorry this picture is out of order.
Saturday we played more toys and dad babysat Luke that evening while Kyle and I went out to eat. Since it was a special occassion (the second time we've gone out without Luke in 11 months...) Kyle made reservations at the Melting Pot and we got to use the Gift Card the Cress family (THANKS BRIDGET!) got Kyle for his 30th birthday. It was wonderful. It's definately my new favorite special-occasion-only restaurant. We ordered a meal package that included cheese fondue (with apples, veggies, and various breads for dippers), a salad, the entree (lobster, filet mignon, chicken, pork, shrimp, salmon and tortellini along with veggies and potatoes for dippers and too many sauces to name), and dessert (Snickers fondue-chocolate, chuncky peanut butter and carmel-with fruit, brownies, cheesecake, rice-crispie treats, marshmellows and pound cake for dippers). We both ate WAY too much. I definately enjoyed an evening out. Don't worry, we were home by 8:00 so I could nurse Luke and put him to bed.

Sunday we dropped dad off and Luke had fun watching the airplanes at the airport. He especially liked watching his Grandpa take off.

Luke is on a crazy learning curve right now. It's fun to be able to see what he is actually learning. He can point to his head when asked and he can point to the farmer on his See and Say and his dog and fish on his puzzle. He clapped Sunday afternoon for the first time. (Dad you barely missed that one!) He's only done it a few times. And this morning !cute story! he was looking at one if his books that has a mirror in the back. He kept pointing at himself and then he'd take his hand away and do it again. He did this several times. So I asked him, "Luke, who's is that?" pointing at him in the mirror, and then he pointed at himself! While he's learning new tricks, he's also learning to be onery.

Example 1: Today he was sitting next to and pointing at our artificial tree (which he knows he's not allowed to touch). When he would point at it I would say, "That's the tree that we do not touch." Luke points, I say...Luke points, I say etc. We do this several times and then while pointing at the tree but not touching with his finger he inched his big toe over and touched the tree with it. I died laughing...and then went over and swatted his foot.

Example 2: Tonight on our walk, Luke was riding on his wagon. He kept wanting to chew on the side so I would tell him not to and push his head back etc. After a sufficient amount of reminders I started thumping him lightly on his little mouth. So then he would turn and try to chew on the other side of the wagon-- the one I wasn't on. So I moved around. Thump. He goes to the other side. I move around. Thump. We do this several times. Then. He leans over, puts his thumb in his mouth (while holding onto the wagon). This is perfectly fine. Then he slowly pulls out his thumb so his mouth is now back on the wood. Like I wouldn't catch him. You guessed it. Laughter...and then a thump. I may be sending mixed messages. He's smart, but so far...I'm smarter. I predict this arrangement lasts at least a week. yeah.

Progress on our lake house! Kyle is going to Grove on Thursday to check things out for himself. More pictures when he returns.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Michael--don't bother reading this'll just whine about it.

Today's I *heart* CVS deal. I got all of this ( 1 L'Oreal Revitalift, 4 cans of Progresso Chicken Noodle Soup Lite, 4 bags of Chex Mix, 2 Colgate Toothpastes and 2- 12ct boxes of Alavert) for $5.52 cents INCLUDING TAX. Plus! I got $5.99 ECB's back to use at a later date.
This weeks Walgreen's deal. All of this will be Free after I receive my rebate in the mail. Plus and additional 10% since I chose to get my rebate in the form of a Walgreens Gift Card.
Luke's 18mo. clothes.
Luke's 12 mo. clothes. Hopefully he won't have to go naked this winter!


It's time for updates on everyone! (Not just Luke) I'll put his at the end...saving the best for last.

Kyle: Kyle has been very busy looking for, finding, buying and learning about his new boat. He's taken it out a few time trying to get comfortable with it. He also recently bought a third website. It was an Orlando, FL rental website, but he's planning on taking it nation-wide. He's been sure busy lately recoding it into "his" code. He's given it a whole new look.
Me: I've been hopping around like mad everytime Luke goes down for a nap. I've learned all but one of the songs for this session, now. I've been calling half of the songs and Ruth Ann (my partner) calls the other half. Today we switched halves. I was NOT as good at these songs as I was the other. I have a LOT of work to do tomorrow. Today is laundry and errands and the grocery store so, no practice today.

Last week I went to a local baby/children's consignment sale and bought enough clothes to get Luke through this winter...I think =) I bought 12 month clothes and some 18 month clothes. We'll see if we make it through the winter or if I have to make emergency shopping runs like I did this summer.

I also signed up for a Precept Upon Precepts inductive bible study at a nearby church. I'd been doing these studies at our church, but decided I liked going to class with Kyle on Wednesday nights so I'd dropped Precepts. I've been missing it, so looked for an evening class. I go tonight for the first time at 6:30. It goes 'til 8:30, so I'll just leave early so I can put Luke to bed.

Luke: Loves to point. Ate a dead moth off the kitchen floor last week. Likes to swing and slide on his new "big toy" (found it on Craigs List and it's up in the game room). Can blink on purpose. (Is super cute..I'll attempt to get a picture) Can locate my belly button when asked.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This n That

A couple of weeks ago Luke's girl friend Hannah came over to play. She is about 2 1/2 months younger than Luke. They're almost the same size. ha. ha. They spent the afternoon stealing each others toys and not being mad about it. It was pretty cute.
A week ago Sunday, Kyle and I took Luke to the park. He had fun swinging. We know this because he smiled, unlike last time, when he didn't realize he was having a blast. We also went down the slide, but that wasn't as good as swinging. It started to sprinkle so we left a few minutes early. It was a nice evening and a nice way to spend it. AND! How cute is this picture of Luke and Kyle?

Last Thursday we went boating with the Hayes' on our new boat...The Sope Float. Luke had to wear his too big life jacket. It's a miracle the thing didn't choke him to death. And here we were worried about drowning. Luke liked the boat, he wasn't scared at all and he liked when the wind blew in his face. Luke and I are #1. So he says.
Luke and I went tubing. Kyle drove slow and we had a good time. There were lots of things for Luke to point at...the water, the sky, the trees, and other boats.
Then Kyle and I went tubing. Brandon had specific instructions that I did NOT want to be thrown off.
We spent Labor Day at Dana's. Again, Luke LOVED his dogs. He spent the day crawling around after them. They spent the day trying to escape.
My CVS deal of the week. I got all this for $0.48. Yea, that's right. Who's your daddy now?