Wednesday, February 27, 2008

This Morning...

Since Luke has started sleeping through the night, when I put him to bed, I always make sure his diaper area is on a lap pad in case his diaper leaks. That way, I don't have to change the sheets. He's only leaked out 2 or 3 times, so it's really not that big of a problem anyway. Kyle went to go get Luke out of bed this morning, like he does every morning, but this morning, Luke had turned himself 180 degrees around in his bed and was chewing on his lap pad. GROSS! I know he hadn't wet through onto it or anything...but still...the thought.

Mostly I wanted to post so I could put up a picture of Luke with his fuzzy blonde hair.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Luke Sits Up!

Ok. Not really. He got into looking at his book and was folded over on his legs...but it's the closest thing to sitting up yet! The top picture is him "sitting". The second picture is what happened when he was done. It was so funny! He just laid there on the floor just like that for quite a while.

Luke went to the Doctor for his 4 month check up. He got shots, and we're on day 2 of a fever due to that. He's not fussy today though, which is nice. I'm glad he finally feels well. Poor guy has had a rough week. We learned all about giving solids and walkers/jumpers/exersaucers. We don't plan to start solids 'til as close to 6 months as we can get. He's doing well, the nurse said. He has met the developmental milestones they were looking for. He weighed 13lbs 11oz (I was a little disappointed, I wanted him to weigh more than that) and is 23 1/2 inches long and his head is 16". He's in the 50% for weight and the 10% for length. He's a shortie! We know who's side of the family he gets that from...the Olsons!
He misses his grandparents and aunts and uncles!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Forgot one

I forgot one!

OxyClean! I have been struggling with getting poop off of his clothes. I've soaked, double washed and imediately treated...and sometimes all that doesn't work. And I nurse! Isn't that supposed to make the stains easier? Anyway, I had some clothes that I'd been WORKING on, got some oxyclean, soaked and washed according to directions...and my whites are a white as can be! Not even a hint of yellow! I must say, this stuff really works. Go. Buy some.

New Mother/Baby Stuff I can't live without

1. Baby Bjorn Carrier- I may not know how to say it, but I sure know how to use it! I love this for grocery shopping, Target, and sweeping/vacuuming with Luke. It gives me both hands free and I really enjoy the snuggle time with Luke. He's a snuggler, too, so he likes to be close to Mommy and look around at the same time. He can face towards or away from me.

2. Barrettes- While nursing I'm constantly leaning my head over to look at Luke (even though it's bad for your neck muscles and spine) and a barrette keeps my hair out of my eyes. I usually have one clipped to my pocket for whenever I need it.

3. Boppy- Mine was made by my Grandma Olson. I can't feed Luke without it. If we have to go goes with us.

4. CARTERS Lap Pads- They're thick cloth pads that are waterproof. They keep me from having to change my changing pad covers all the time. Also, they're great for when the baby begins sleeping all night. I put one under his little bottom, that way if he leaks through his diaper (rarely) I don't have to change the sheets. Get the Carter's Brand. I bought some at Target and after the first washing the two pieces of fabric came apart and they had to be thrown away. Complete waste of money.

5. Lansinoh Lanolin Cream- You'll hear that breastfeeding doesn't hurt. This is a LIE! It hurts like crazy for the first few weeks, and if you're like me...for a few months. Lanolin cream really helps chapping and you don't have to wash it off, which is great, because you'll be so tired you won't want to have to remember that. Be careful, though. It stains horribly. Make sure you wear breast pads while using.

6. Lil Noses Saline Spray- Luke hates to have his boogies sucked out of his nose, but the spray softens them and makes the task a little easier for both of us. Not enjoyable...just a little quicker.

7. Madela Sanitizing Steam Bags- Great for breast pump parts, bottles (if using), pacifiers, small plastic toys etc. AND it only takes 1 1/2 minutes!

8. Mirrors- What can I say? All babies love 'em. Any distraction is a good one.

9. Mobile for changing table- Luke loves his bears. He smiles at them every time. It makes diaper changing and getting dressed much more fun. We have one on his crib, but since he's a tummy sleeper, he's only watched that one once. The changing table is a much more practical location for us. If we only had one, that's where it'd be.

10. Nursing tanks from Target- They sell them other places, but Target is cheaper. I wear one every single night with my flannel jammies. They make nursing easier, I can wear breast pads at night, and the sports bra-like support is nice for sleeping.

11. Onsies- Everything else rides up. My favorite until he's walking.

12. Sleep Blankets- Since they aren't supposed to have anything in their crib while they sleep, these are nice. They just pull on over their sleepers. I saw some new ones at BRU that are WAY better than the ones I have. I can't wait 'til Luke outgrows his and I can go buy new. They snap over the shoulders and the zipper is on the side!!! and zips all the way down and across the bottom for easier night diaper changes.

13. Sleeping/Nursing Log- I kept track for the first 3 months. I was so tired I couldn't remember what he did when, so writing it down helped me. It also helped me establish a schedule for him that fit us both.

14. Swaddle Me Blankets- Of all sizes. We all know babies like the swaddle when tiny, but still, at 4 months, being swaddled is the only thing that will calm Luke down when he gets to throwing a fit. I sometimes have to use one to get him down at night or for a nap if he's really fighting himself.

15. Trumpette Socks- Of course, they have WAY more styles for girls than boys, but I love their "shoe" socks. I bought a pack of 6 and they come in all colors. Luke never wears shoes, but it looks like he does! He even likes the laces on them (that can't come untied) and the bright colors. Ne noticed his feet for the first time wearing them. Of course, he didn't realize they were his feet, but he enjoyed watching them just the same.

I'll add more as I add them to my list on my blogspot page. Many people helped me get off on the right foot with things. My sister in law, Audra, sent me the GREATEST new mommy list that I really think I would've died without.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Move over Martha

So, yesterday was Valentine's Day. Not the most enjoyable one we've ever had at our house, and Luke's was the WORST one he's ever was also the best he's ever had...since it's the only one!

For Christmas Kyle got me the Pasta Maker attachments for my KitchenAid mixer that I'd been wanting. I used it for the first time yesterday, and it was really quick and easy. I made whole wheat pasta, and it turned out great. I made a stuffing that I use to make calzones with and used it to, instead, make great big ravioli's. They turned out really well and I must say, I am very proud of myself. Homemade noodles? Martha Stewart has NOTHING on me anymore (except she probably knows how to fold a fitted sheet....hmmmm). Wednesday I made a chocolate layer cake with a peanut butter chocolate ganache, so that's what we had for dessert. Kyle gave the cake a 10 and the raviolis a 10 also. Traver gave the cake a 9.9 and the raviolis a 9.9something. He's my tougher critic. hahaha!
On a side note, I've decided to be generous with my recipes, that really aren't mine to begin with, so it be looking for Strawberry Shortcake, Bundt cake and Strawberry pie coming your way soon!

Luke is sick.

I chose this "sick" color because it matches the feelings of our house right now. Tuesday night I had a little coughing spell, which felt like just a tickle in my throat. Wednesday morning Luke started coughing a dry cough. Wednesday night it was a wet cough. I wasn't to concerned yet, because he didn't have a fever and other than the cough, was fine. However, Wednesday night he woke up at 1:30 and then woke up every 45 minutes or so. He did go right back to sleep and didn't even cry every time he woke up. Needless to say, he felt much worse Thursday. He still had his cough, but now a low grade fever and a runny nose to go with it. He's not a good nap taker, and I really wanted him to get a lot of rest yesterday so his two morning naps he slept on me reclined on the couch. Since I didn't feel good either, a lazy morning holding my sweet baby was just what I needed. He had some trouble going down last night...even got too mad to nurse, which is really saying something for him =) He finally went to sleep in his crib at 8:30, only to wake up at 9:00, screaming his little head off. It took me 30 minutes to get him calmed down and back asleep in his bed. At this point, I didn't have high hopes for the night, but he didn't wake up again and slept until 8:05 this morning! He's feeling much better today, but still coughing and a runny nose. He took his first nap and is really fighting this second one. He just can't stay down, and wouldn't go down while I was holding him either. We shall see. He didn't have a temperature when he woke up, but I'll take it again after his nap to make sure it stays away. I must say, infant Tylenol is a lifesaver. Luke is a very pittiful sick baby. He couldn't even be happy in his swing yesterday. Normally he doesn't like you to sit while you hold him, especially if he's tired, but yesterday he didn't mind at all. Today, we mind again. Hopefully this passes soon. I'm still not all the way better, but feel better than I did yesterday. I'm still coughing and have only a slight headache.