Sunday, March 1, 2015

Daniel Boone

Luke had his first report of his school career.  First graders are assigned a Great American to research, create a poster for, give a report and dress up as.  Luke was assigned Daniel Boone and was THRILLED to find out  that the story on Kyle's side of the family is that they are related to Daniel Boone.  It was almost more excitement than Luke could handle. ; )

So we researched, found out the information required and Luke picked out 10 interesting facts about his person.  It was fun to work on this with him (for the most part) and I found it interesting to see which facts stood out to him as interesting.  They weren't necessarily the facts I would have thought he would have found interesting.  There were several tidbits of information about Daniel and different wars or skirmishes with Native Americans that I would have thought he would have found exciting and picked FOR SURE.  And he did pick several of those.  The two facts that he chose that surprised me were: 1) Daniel Boone and his wife, Rebecca, were married for over 50 years and 2) He wanted to be buried next to Rebecca.  

Here are pictures of Luke's poster:

 Here is Luke dressed as Daniel Boone ready to give his presentation:

And I have video of his presentation, but I keep getting an error while trying to upload it.  Just know he did a great job.