Friday, June 20, 2008


Here's a picture to go with yesterday's post. You can see 4 of his 6 teeth very well.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More teeth!

Luke got 2! yes, 2! new teeth today. He was cranky yesterday and woke up with his right upper incisor this morning and I discovered his left upper incisor after his 2nd nap. He's forgiven for yesterday.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another tooth!

No more bites please!
I love the chair you made for my mommy, Great-Grandpa Olson!
Doesn't he look like he's posing? Really he's just over there to lift the rug and look underneath. One of his favorite things to do.
Pulling up on the couch.
Here's our little "Buda" swimming.
Finding his toys behind the love seat.
The promised picture of him pulling up on the end table. Excuse the red eye.
Bedtime story with daddy.
No more bites please!

Luke has just been up to his same old tricks. He's crawling faster and more. He enjoys crawling to any type of cord, the fireplace and our decorative tree....the three things he's not allowed to do. He has 4 teeth now, his top two and bottom two in the front. He enjoys pulling up on anything and everything. The wall mirror in our closet, chairs, the couch, my clothes, name it! He can also get down whenever he want to. He hasn't figured out cruising...thank goodness. He will go between two objects if he can reach. If he's on the couch and he wants to go to either of us and he thinks we're in catching distance he'll just dive. He's also falling and hurting himself more now than ever. Going outside usually heals him. He is also loving our dogs. He laughs at them, giggles when they lick him and he loves to pet/grab them. They're doing really well with him. Lucy and Sara are interested in him, Jake just thinks he's boring and not worth his time. He also likes going to the window and pulling up and looking out. He'll usually get his right foot stomping up and down while he looks. Cute. He also enjoys to go behind the love seat and find his toys. We stash the big ones there to give the illusion of a grown up living room, if we feel so inclined.