Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Rice Cereal


Luke has decided that he likes to help do laundry, also. He already enjoys vacuuming. Still no picture of the tooth. He's very tricky with the tongue of his. Here is a link to the photos we've taken of Luke so far in April.
On a side note, Luke set a new record last night. He was asleep by 8:10pm and woke up at 8:40 am this morning. 12 1/2 hrs! I had to check on him this morning because I was afraid he had died in his sleep.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Workin hard...

tryin' to capture a picture of his TWO bottom teeth. The second is too small to see in a picture yet, so I'll just go for the one tooth. I'll post a picture when I get it!

Friday, April 18, 2008

6 months today!

Today was a big day for Luke. We went to the doctor and he got weighed (15lbs 8oz) and measured (26" long). He's growing pretty steadily, but not freakishly so. He also ate rice cereal for the first time today. Or should I say, didn't eat rice cereal, but spat it out and let it dribble down his chin. We did put a bib on his little naked body, but now, I don't really know why. His skin is easier to clean. Pictures of that to come. He is also starting to get up on all fours more, but he's not close to going anywhere yet. I need to catch a picture of his new trick. He also pulled halfway up a few days ago. He didn't know how to scoot his hands to stand all the way up, so he got stuck...until he forgot to hold on, fell backward into my hands and scared himself silly.
Now, he's upstairs taking a nap after having a snack and a screaming fit. He had a temp of 99, but I don't really know what the cause was. I think maybe his little legs were hurting him from the shots...who knows. But I went ahead and gave him some Tylenol anyway. I had given him a dose before we went, but he didn't have a temp and seemed happy, so after his 4 hours had lapsed I didn't re-med him...and I'm thinking I should have. I don't like to give him medicine if he doesn't need it. In the past he's run a low grade temp the day of shots and the day we'll see what he does this time.
Caption winner: Anonymous (Also known as Michael Olson) submitted, "Dude, are you serious? The Sooners?!!!??

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Luke got his first tooth today! He's about 5 1/2 months old. When mom was here over Easter I thought he might be teething. He had a snotty nose and a cough, but I didn't really feel like he was sick. His naps were funky when mom was here as well. Then his poops started being different (I've been told that's a sign as well). Audra said that she felt like Solomon's hardest time with teething was 2-3 weeks before the tooth actually emerged, so I've been waiting and watching the calendar to see if my Easter suspicions were right. Maybe they were and maybe they weren't, but he's got a tooth! I guess Audra was right. It's so tiny in there that it barely qualifies. I guess it's sorta like being "barely pregnant". I've been feeling his little gums multiple times a day. I'm a little embarrassed about how excited I am about this.

I have rice cereal on the grocery list, and since we're on our last gallon of milk...I'll probably go grocery shopping tomorrow and get Luke's first solid food. And we've been giving him a sippy cup a couple of times a day so he can start learning about that too. The 18th is when Luke turns 6 months and that's the day we have his doctors appointment, so I'm going to get a refresher course in introducing solids and he'll prbably get his first rice cereal for lunch that day. We'll have some good pictures from that experience. I'll try to post soon after that.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Caption Contest

So I'm including this picture in Luke's year calendar and there is a spot for a caption. I've got nothing. Any ideas? Leave your idea for the caption in the comments or email it to me. The winner gets a shout out on this blog, which is read by not quite tens of people. A worthy prize no doubt!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's Been Awhile!

Long Time No Post! Quite a bit has happened in just the few weeks since Luke turned 5 months.

Jeremy and Hannah came to sort of visit. Really Jeremy was en route to Dana's to build a deer stand. Kyle went with them to help. They stayed at our house the night before and got to meet Luke the next morning. Dana came back with them, but timing didn't work out for them to see Luke on their way back through. Luke didn't cry when Hannah held him. I think he found a new friend.

Kyle went skiing. This was Kyle's first time away from Luke. Kyle turned 30 this month so for his milestone birthday, I suprised him with a ski trip to New Mexico with 3 of his friends from OKC. They had big fun. They all few out Wednesday morning...very early. Our friend Shanna was kind enough to pick Kyle up so I didn't have to take him to the airport. Then they skied Thursday, Friday and Saturday and flew home Sunday. Kyle was waiting for us when Luke and I got home from Ponca City. Kyle missed us both, but I think he missed Luke more. He said he could tell he'd grown just in the few days he was gone.

My mom came for Easter. We didn't do a whole lot, except play with Luke, but since that's all she came for, I think she was satisfie. We also went to Ponca City Sunday after church and spent the day. Luke and I came home Sunday night after he ate at 8:00. Or should I say didn't eat. That's a story in and of itself. *sad face* We took all the picture with her camera, so no proof of that visit.

Kyle turned 30! I had it all planned out how I was going to tell Kyle, then one week before the big reveal I spilled the beans and ruined my wonderful suprise. I was SO mad. Anyway, the cake I was going to make for the Big Reveal, I made on his birthday instead. It's a mountain with snow on it, if you can't tell. To make the mountain, all you do is purposefully not grease the bundt cake pan and it falls right out! Now that's MY style of cake decorating!!!

Luke gets new tricks! Luke has two new skills in his bag of tricks. The first is a mouth most of his! He likes to suck on his bottom lip. It's really pretty cute and we got several good pictures of it. He also can now get up on his knees and elbows and get his whole tummy off of the ground. He did it several times in a row yesterday and hasnt' repeated himself again. Who knows!?! This might be like rolling over and we won't see it again for a month or two.

Luke goes to the park! We went for the first time today. My friend Shea Mathis was in town (they moved to San Antonio) and we hadn't seen each other since before she had her baby girl Caris (8 months) and so of course she had never met Luke either. So anyway, I met up with her and our friend Natalie who is due with her baby boy, Kenron, April 29th. I took Luke down the slide. He wasn't impressed. He wasn't scared either, so I guess that's something. No pictures of today either.

No more 10:30 feeding! Luke has been sleeping through the night since before 3 months of age. He would fall asleep between 7 and 7:30, and then I'd wake him up and feed him at 8, he'd fall asleep immediately, then I'd get him up and feed him again at 10:30 and he'd go right back to sleep and sleep until 7:30-ish the next morning. Since the time change, I've been feeding him between 7:30 and 8 and putting him down asleep and waking him at 10:30 for his last feeding before morning. I've known for quite some time that the 10:30 feeding could go, and that he could physically go from 8 to 8 without eating, however, he was sleeping throught the night and what I was doing was working and I DID NOT WANT TO MESS IT UP! So I've just kept the 10:30 feeding. I recently decided it was time to get tough and cut it out and so, last night we did for the first time. Mostly I was nervous that he'd get up earlier in the morning and I like my 7:30-8:00 wake up time. So I fed him last night at 8, he went right to sleep and didn't get up until 7:30 this morning! Success! Hopefully we'll keep this up.