Thursday, July 22, 2010

Making your own baby food.

Here is my afternoon project from a week or so ago. From left to right. 28oz Edamame (soy beans! yummy!), 22 oz mango (bought two packages frozen mango chunks), 34oz peaches (2 packages frozen peaches) and 60oz green beans (4 packages of frozen). I also bought tons of bananas, but didn't mash them this day because I was waiting for them to brown a bit more.

When I had Luke, I decided to make my own baby food. I figured with one kid, I should be able to accomplish something like that since I stay home. I didn't really know what I was doing, but I didn't think it would be that hard. I did get a couple of books, but I found them to be more useful in scheduling eating and introducing new foods etc. Since I didn't know if I'd make my own baby food for #2 I didn't want to invest a lot of money into containers to store it. I should have. With Luke I used old yogurt containers and used baby food jars that I had received from a friend. When it came time for Leta to begin eating purees, I decided to make my own again, since it was so easy last time, but this time I wanted freezable plastic containers. It was a bit tricky finding a size I wanted that didn't come in a variety set, that I could order individually. But I found some "Lock N Lock" brand on the website. They are 6 oz. containers.

She has also had: applesauce, avocado, peas, sweet potato, carrots, acorn squash, and butternut squash. Still to come: Eggplant, zucchini, and more fruits!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leta is 6 months old!

I am happy to be me!
Attempting to crawl
If you look REALLY close you can see a tooth.

Leta had her 6 month well baby appointment today. She weighs 15lbs 6oz (which puts her right at the 50% for weight) and she was 25 inches long (25% for height, but we noticed that her height fluctuates between the 25th and 50th percentiles, so likely she hasn't had her little growth spurt yet). So, right now, I guess she's short and fat =). Everything is great with her.

She got her second tooth (her bottom front right) tooth this past Sunday (the 11th). She can't crawl yet, but she's mobile. She can pretty much get wherever she wants to go by scooching. We have a pretty good video of her speed scooching one evening, but I can't figure out how to get it off the camera, so I'll need to get Kyle's help for that. She can also sit up. She doesn't sit straight up, but leans forward on her legs, and she can't be trusted to not get a round bottom and tip over, so sitting still requires monitoring.

She is still working on her "first tastes". We've had the "green veggies" (peas, green beans and avocado...yes, I know avocado is a fruit). We've had the "yellow veggies" (carrots, sweet potato, butternut squash, acorn squash). We're moving on to fruit. So far she's had applesauce, but I bought bananas, mangoes, and peaches today so they're the next "tastes" up. She is also allowed to start a sippy cup with water and can have "puffs". It's a cereal bite that dissolves more easily than a cheerio.

She gets up for her day between 6:30 and 7:00 and has a 45 minute nap at 9, noon, and three. She eats breakfast at 7, lunch at 11, has a snack at 2:30, supper at 5:30 and a bedtime snack at 8. Sometimes she'll wake up around 5:30 (4:50 this morning) and want to eat, but then she always goes back down without any fuss until 7. She seems to do this in cycles, so the Dr. and I decided today that perhaps it is hunger and she's needing a little something more at bedtime. Thus the puffs. So we'll try it and see. She's still wearing 3-6 month clothes, but she's beginning to outgrow them so soon she will be moving to 6-9 months clothing. I find myself dressing her and saying, "Well, looks like the last time for this outfit."

She's a very happy and contented baby who LOVES her big brother. He is the best and getting smiles and giggles out of her. He loves her a lot, but now that she is mobile, he spends a great deal of his time fearing for his trains. "HOLD HER MOMMY! She's going to get my trains!!!!!"

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July

I just finished looking at Audra's pictures from their 4th of July festivities...and our celebrations pale in comparison. So, if you want to skip reading. Feel free. And I forgot my no pictures eiter.

We went to the lake with the Sandovals. We left after I returned from Body and Soul that Friday. There wasn't time to boat Friday, but we did make it to the Reingarten that evening for supper with 3 very starving boys. Saturday Leta and I hung out at the house while the gang boated for a while in the morning before getting rained out. They went back out for a while in the afternoon. They did get to go swimming and Luke rode in the tube so all was good in his world. Saturday evening we ate Mexican food and went and bought a few fireworks for the kids. Luke was very excited for this, but one the way home, found out we had gotten smoke bombs and didn't want anything to do with them. We did the fireworks when we got back since Sunday was supposed to be rainy and we didn't want to miss our chance. Luke wasn't so much into it. He really wanted to be, but he was scared of the smoke and the loud noise. So he spent most of the time back against the wall of the garage with his hands over his ears.

We had planned to go to church Sunday morning, but the forecast said that there was a 60% chance of rain in the afternoon, so we skipped and everyone went out again on the boat again (except Leta and I). Johnny and Cindy skied and got some pretty good shots of themselves. Leta and I did get to go on the boat for about 30 minutes that afternoon. We grilled out for supper. We were having a good time until....

Luke woke up Sunday night at 3:00 throwing up. Big mess. And then Monday morning he couldn't keep ANYTHING down. So I rode home in the back of the jeep, holding his throw up bucket for him. Lets just say it wasn't the most comfortable trip I've ever had. He threw up for the last time Monday at 4pm, so we are considering him healthy and we will still be making our trip to Ponca City Thursday to see Pappaw, Grandma Key, Marjorie, Doug, JoAnne, and JIMMY!!! I WILL remember to bring my camera. There is talk of swimming.

Leta news: She is getting up on all fours and rocking, but no crawling yet. Right now, as I type she is trying to get a piece of paper near her and did a tiny bit of army crawling and managed to get her desired object. Her tooth is now big enough to inflict damage, but not big enough to photograph.

Luke: Said to me this morning, "Mommy! We don't have Larry the cucumber OR Bob the tomato. But don't worry. Santa will bring them for Christmas." And we discovered why he's afraid of his smoke detector. He thinks it makes smoke. He still doesn't like the light flashing on it so Kyle put a piece of duct tape over it. Problem solved.