Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Festivities

Luke had an eventful Christmas holiday season. December 23th we went to his great grandma Pat's for a family Christmas on Dana's side. He met Grandpa Dana for the first time as well as everyone else who was there! He looked very cute in his Santa Baby onsie our neighbors bought for him.

Christmas Eve we had Kyle's mom and husband, sister and her family, and Grandpa Wilbur and Georgeanne over for supper. This was Luke's first time to meet his Grandma Vicki.

Christmas Day, Kyle's sister, Bridget and her family, who had been staying with us left and we had Christmas day together, just our little family. We tried to open presents with Luke, but he fell asleep so we bravely carried on with out him.

Luke is also getting very good at holding his head up during "Tummy Time". He can get his little chest all the way off the floor and his head high enough to look you in the eye! He's playing with his Kangaroo toy he got from Traver.
Today, the day after Christmas, Luke's Grandma Olson is coming AND it snowed today! Kyle took a video of Luke and I out in the snow. He threw his first snowball and made his first snow angle.
I also included a bath picture, just because it was cute.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

2 moth Dr. Visit

Luke was 2 months old on the 18th. So today, the 20th, we went to see his pediatrician, Dr. Stephens. It was a good visit. Luke is growing along. He now is 22 in long and weighs 11lbs 4oz. We talked about night sleep schedules. At any point I'm ready I can start letting him cry it out at night and make him sleep all night long. He's started waking up once to eat at night ( most of the time anyway!!) and I'm doing fine with that so I think we'll coast here for a while. Perhaps after the new year we'll try for all night. Luke also got 3 shots and one oral. Dr. Stephens said he'd prolly be fussy and feverish. Well he was right. Poor baby has a temperature 99.8 and is fussy when not asleep. Good news: he's been sleepy today!! I thought I had infant Tylenol at home so we didn't pick any up while in town. However, we got home and I realized I'd bought Childrens Tylenol (ages 2-11) ...which is not for Luke. So Kyle went back into town to get some medicine for Luke and he's feeling much better. He is able to deal with lifes struggles, like tooting and burping, diaper changes and moving around.

The Sandovals are coming over tonight for supper and to exchange gifts. Cindy's bringing me her shirts that she wore while she was nursing her boys that no longer fit. I'm excited. Maybe I can stop buying clothes that I KNOW will be too big when I'm done nursing!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Luke's a big boy!

Yes it's true. Luke is no baby any more. Yesterday morning I decided to put Luke down for his first nap upstairs in his crib. Then I came downstairs, looked at his pack n play in the living room--where it's been for 8 weeks--and decided I couldn't look at it there another minute. So, I took down the pack n play yesterday. Luke slept upstairs in his crib for all his naps yesterday...not a first. AND! slept up there all night last night. After we laid Luke down for the night, and began our nightly huge fit throwing, we adjusted the monitor in our bedroom to the quietest level that we could, while still being convinced we'd hear him if he cried. Well, I can still hear him sqeaking through it, but no more than I could when he was in the living room. We were both a little nervous to have him upstairs while we slept for the first time, but it went very well.

Luke had another first last night. He only ate ONCE during the night. He ate at 1:45am. He started squeaking, grunting and fussing around 4:30, so I went up and patted him until he went back to sleep. I figured it wouldn't work or last, but it did! He did some more grunting at 6:30 this morning, but stayed asleep until 7:30 when I woke him up for his "morning" wake up time.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The Big Weigh In

I took Luke to the Pediatrician to get him weighed. You can do this anytime, I found out on Sunday. You call in and get a "Weigh Check" time and then show up! For FREE! So Luke and I went today and he weighs 10lbs 11oz. He'll be 7 weeks old tomorrow. My little guy is getting slightly less little.