Sunday, October 30, 2011

Knock Knock Night

This past Wednesday night we made our 3rd annual return to Quail trip for their chili and Knock Knock night.  It was great to see people we haven't seen in a long time and see how old we're getting how big their kids are getting.  We went with the Hayes' and here's the best picture from the night.
I'll try to get a better picture of the kids in their costumes.  Luke is Obi Wan (sp?), Leta is a ladybug, Max is a pumpkin and Karter is (in his words) a "Yes Sir".  That's what I'm talking about.  Get them a costume that actually teaches them something USEFUL!

5 miles!

1st 5 mile run down the hatch.  My knee started hurting at 1.75 mi.  What's up with that?  Pretty decent pace though.  I'm icing it right now so it should be completely healed in about 10 minutes, right?

Friday, October 28, 2011


Yesterday's Luke-ism that I forgot:

Luke finds a random tor yesterday and says, "I've been looking for this for YEARS!!!!"

Also, on the day he picked out his Halloween costume with Kyle he came home with an Obi Wan costume VERY proud of his light saber and says, "I would've been Elmo, but he didn't come with a sword."

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Seen and Heard

Luke-ism from today. (There were 2 so far, but I forgot one...)

Me: Did you tell Leta thank you?
Luke:  No.  Because we do not have to say thank you to people who live in this house.

I quickly corrected him, don't worry.

Since I got all excited on Tuesday and didn't check my training plan, I ran .5 miles farther than I was supposed to.  Oh the HORRORS!  Anyway, I didn't want to repeat THAT mistake today ;) especially since it was raining outside so I opted to run on the treadmill. I'm glad we have it for mornings such as this, but boy was I glad to get off of it!  Bor. Ing.  Since running on the TM is easier, I set the incline at 1 and got truckin'.  I did .25 mile mostly walking warm up and a .25 mostly walking cool down.  The slowest I ran was 6.1  increasing my speed intermittently until I started the last full mile, which I started off at 7 mph and finished at 7.5mph.  I thought I was going to die.  That's pretty speedy for the likes of me.

I went to see my friend who's  PT and she looked at my knee yesterday.  She gave me some stretches and some strength training moves to do.  So we'll see.  My knee felt pretty good today.  Started feeling it around 3.3 miles, but either it stopped hurting or I was to distracted by thoughts of possibly dying from running and wondering how long it would take Kyle to come and find me.  Up next: 5 mile run on Saturday.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Luke's tummy

Luke has been saying his stomach hurts a lot lately.  And for a long time.  I KNOW at least a good month now, possibly two.  He is eating, sleeping, behaving and using the toilet normally.  He is also fever free.  At first we were concerned, but then when he was never sick, we began ignoring it.  But he persists. I don't really think he's using it in a manipulative way because we don't really cater to him or his tummy and require him to eat when we eat and what we eat etc. and it's not getting him extra cartoons or special privileges. So, begin the good mother that I am, a month or two later, I finally got him to the doctor.

Dr. Stephens couldn't find anything wrong with him either so I am to journal about his stomach complains for 3-4 days to attempt to get some sort of base line and then completely take him off dairy and see how that affects his tummy.  In a way I hope it's NOT dairy...because that's probably his favorite food group! But, in a way it is and that we get this tummy problem solved.  Kyle was allergic to dairy for a while as a child, which I didn't know at the time of the Dr. visit or I would've mentioned it.  Does it run in families?  Anyway.  Here's to hoping his little tummy gets to feeling better.

And here's a few pictures of Leta and Max since Luke was in so many recent birthday pictures.

 All the pictures to this point were taken this morning, so that's as recent as you can get!

Vicki got this shirt for Leta and it is perfect!!!! for her.  Describes her to a T!

Grandpa Wilbur is 80!

These posts are out of order.  The weekend of the 15th Kyle's mom and Hap came to visit.  They arrived Friday morning while I was at Body and Soul.  Friday they soaked up at many "Grandbaby Sugars" as they could get from all three of them and Kyle and I just generally enjoyed having them around and having a bit of a break from kid duty =).  Binky made cupcakes with Luke and Leta and they enjoyed stirring the batter then frosting them once they were done.  But the best part was eating one for a snack.  After they went off to bed we all set out to make jalapeno poppers.  Kyle took out the ribs and seeds and Hap and I filled them with cream cheese and wrapped them in bacon while Vicki made deviled eggs.

Saturday Hap and Vicki got a MUCH needed chance to sleep in (and isn't that what you SHOULD get to do on vacation?) and then we got ready for a surprise 80th birthday party that Vicki planned for Grandpa Wilbur.  And was it ever a surprise!  Kyle had everyone park at then end of the circle drive in our neighborhood and he and Georgeanne conspired and told Grandpa Wilbur that they were coming to celebrate  Luke's birthday.  Everyone hid in the kitchen while Leta and I answered the door.  As soon as they were in the house, WT was asking about Kyle and they started talking football, with WT filling Kyle in on the OSU game he'd missed (because he was getting ready for a surprise party!). Kyle led Grandpa Wilbur to the doorway to the kitchen where everyone was now in FULL view.  But Gpa Wilbur continued talking to Kyle about the game without ever looking up FOR A LONG TIME.  It went on for so long that everyone in the kitchen was giggling and finally Georgeanne said, "WT would you look around!"  SURPRISE!

It was a great night with Kyle's mom and sister and her family coming from Hobbs, NM his brother and his family (minus Hannah---we missed you!) coming from Houston and Gpa Wilbur's brother and wife driving up from Ardmore, OK.
 Me, Gpa Wilbur, Harold Wayne and Uncle Steve
 Georgeanne, Kay, WT, Harold Wayne and Steve
 Madison and her friend Chelsea

 We should have got Vicki and Kyle in this picture for a 4 Generations picture
 Looking at old pictures.  
Vicki, Madison, Chelsea and Bridget
K-ball, Hayleigh and the elusive Hap.

Luke is 4!

 Luke turned 4 on the 18th and I can't believe it!  He's totally a KID now.  We did a little celebrating on his actual day, we let him open his present from his Grandma Binky since it came in the mail that day as well as Mavis, a train from the Thomas collection that he has been saving for forever!!! and thanks to some birthday $$ from his aunt Bridget, he was able to buy it.

We celebrated Luke's birthday again on Saturday.  We started things off with a pinata.

We had to have a little help from Johnny


Then we had cake and ice cream.  We did this second because I was afraid we'd never get him away from his new toys to have cake.

And what a fabulous cake it was!  I baked the star cake and my friend decorated it.  And it turned out BEYOND wonderful.  Turns out having cake second didn't solve our problems.  Luke ate about 2 bites then was done and proceeded to the living room where he asked if it was time to open presents about every 30 seconds until the rest of us were ready.

Luke likes trains!